🎉 Successful retraining as a machine and plant operator - award for best🎉

We are very pleased to announce that our retrainees Johann Schartner and Mike Peine have completed their retraining as machine and plant operators with top marks of 1.

We are incredibly proud of both of them and their remarkable development during the retraining. 👏👏

🏅 Best award: On May 29, 2024, the Best Award of the Kassel-Marburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry took place in the Baunatal town hall, where Johann Schartner and Mike Peine were honored for their outstanding achievements. Across the entire IHK district, 6,000 candidates were examined in a wide variety of training occupations. Of these, 87 trainees graduated with the top mark of "very good", including Mr. Schartner and Peine.

We as a company can also look forward to a certificate "in recognition of the outstanding training performance for the winter 2023/2024 final examination in the machine and plant operator profession". 🏆

In a ceremony, the certificate was presented by the President Désirée Derin-Holzapfel and the General Manager of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kassel-Marburg Dr. Arnd Klein-Zirbes.

We would also like to thank our trainer Mr. Fisseler for the excellent training of our two employees and his performance.