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The innovative "JADU®-Eco" product line is JÄKEL's contribution to conscientious action in terms of social responsibility. All products in this line meet the challenge of maximising sustainability, efficiency and environmental compatibility. Our knowledge, your requirements - together we develop solutions.

JADU Primo

Specially hardened boron and spring steel. Same mechanical properties in the cutting edge and carrier area. Hardness and toughness can be specifically adjusted to suit your application. The combination of many years of experience, extensive process knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment forms the basis for the development and manufacture of the highest quality products.


Specially hardened boron and spring steel with additional thermally applied wear protection where it is needed. Carrier areas highly elastic and tough, cutting edge or wear areas extremely hard and resistant. Significantly increased service life of heavily stressed product areas. Self-sharpening effects can be achieved through different hardness zones. Our JADU®-H1 steel is particularly suitable for the "JADU®-Zona" series.

JADU Stratum

Specially hardened boron and spring steel as well as all weldable materials with partially supplemented wear protection coating. Specially developed and tested hard material alloys offer maximum wear resistance. Permanently sharp cutting edges lead to outstanding and consistent cutting performance. We generate added value for you through our processes and the selection of suitable hard material mixtures.