Many well-known manufacturers rely on JÄKEL products

With the high-quality knives from JÄKEL, a flawlessly harvest is just as guaranteed as the perfect lawn cut in the garden. We offer the perfect product for every requirement, with and without JADU® refinement.

Our products:

1. knifes and wear parts for industry and agricultural machinery:

Our precision-engineered knifes and wear parts are designed to withstand the demands of industrial processes. From cutting machines to agricultural machinery, we offer customised solutions that ensure durability and performance.

2. garden tool products:

We offer a wide range of products for maintaining grassy areas and gardens, from robust knifes to wear parts for garden tools. Our products make work easier and guarantee efficient garden maintenance.

3. wear protection coatings:

Our advanced coatings offer reliable protection against wear and corrosion.

What do we offer you?

  • Quality and precision: Each product is manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure maximum precision and durability.

  • Customised solutions: We understand that every business has unique requirements. That's why we offer customised solutions that meet your needs.

  • Innovation and progress: Our team of experts is constantly working on new technologies and materials to offer you innovative solutions.

  • Environmentally friendly approaches: We are committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and materials to deliver sustainable solutions.

Areas of application for JÄKEL knives and wear parts

Municipal technology



Feed mixer wagon

Loader wagon

Forage harvester

Combine harvester

Weeding technology

Soil cultivation

Lawnmower blade

Beet- and potato harvester

Wear protection