flexible + competent = customer-orientated

flexible + competent = customer-orientated

Our customers have been at the centre of our thoughts and actions since 1928.

We take on our customers' challenges and work with them to find razor-sharp solutions.

We set standards in wear protection technology through innovation and creativity.

Our customers place their trust in us time and again for our quality and adherence to deadlines, as well as for the rapid realisation of new developments.

We have the expertise to carry out all important work steps in-house.

We put the finishing touches to our expertise through joint research and development with universities.

Our team spirit

Our team spirit

Identification + motivation = quality

Open communication and fair dealings with one another lead to good performance and razor-sharp results.

Respect and tolerance among each other ensure a healthy working atmosphere that makes it easier for new employees to integrate.

We grow with our tasks. We perform well together.

Employees and managers listen to each other and understand each other's needs.

Without teamwork, we would not be where we are today

No matter how successful services or products are: Anyone who wants to remain successful on the market over such a long period of time has to do a lot to achieve this. As a family business that was founded in 1928, the current managing directors Frank and Udo Jäkel and Walter Völker have a very special sense of how important it is to have satisfied employees.

After all, only satisfied employees and a functioning team provide a secure foundation for the existence and future of a company.

It is therefore no coincidence that JÄKEL sees itself not only as an employer of more than a hundred employees, but also as one big family. A family that sticks together. A family that looks for solutions and works together to get things moving. A family that is proud of what has been achieved and worked for and that supports each other in all areas.

Because employees get involved in company processes with their personal commitment and help shape the future, this company is always on the move.

JÄKEL as an employer

JÄKEL as an employer

As a family business, we stand for reliability and secure jobs - by tradition.

As an employer, we actively promote the health and satisfaction of our employees. We attach great importance to optimal working conditions and also score very well in terms of occupational safety.

Our employees know that their commitment is the basis for our company's success.

We facilitate family-friendly working hours wherever our processes allow.

We shape your future

We shape your future

As a solid, healthy family business, we are committed to our location and region and offer our employees a secure job.

We recognise the challenges of the future, tackle them and implement them for the benefit of our customers.

Environmental protection and sustainability determine our thoughts and actionsWe avoid waste and work in accordance with DIN ISO 14001.

We are always a step ahead through research and development.

We recognise our responsibility for the next generation. We secure the future by providing first-class training and qualifying retraining.


Our mission statement is the result of committed and creative collaboration. In several workshops, employees from the various departments worked together with the two managing directors Frank and Udo Jäkel to develop both the content and the wording. We would like to thank business coach Anja Kiefer-Kaufmann for her conceptualisation and moderation.