Production & responsibility

In our mission to deliver top quality, we at JÄKEL rely on innovative approaches. State-of-the-art development, control and communication systems are not just tools for us, but the key to precise, customised tools and products.

Our production lines are at the cutting edge of technology and are constantly adapted to requirements. We invest in cobot and robot solutions with BinPicking technology to create products of the highest quality and counteract the shortage of skilled labour and employee stress.

Quality assurance is not only carried out by humans, but also by optical measuring systems and statistical analyses, which ensure outstanding process reliability.

But JÄKEL is not just about excellent products - it is also about responsibility.

We continuously invest in environmentally friendly technologies to ensure not only first-class products, but also a clean environment. At every stage of production, we play our part in shaping a sustainable and responsible future.

Environment and sustainability - an important topic for Jäkel

For JÄKEL, the responsible use of all resources in the company plays an extremely important role. Whether employees, investments in new technologies or in the environment. Taking responsibility shows strength and the will to make a difference, to change and to protect. For example, the use of large photovoltaic systems and the installation of the latest LED technology alone saves more than 130 tonnes of CO2 per year. Further investments in technology and energy generation for a CO2-neutral future are already being planned.

Those who define standards and goals will continue to develop

Making the right decisions, having a feel for market developments and also being able to invest in new technologies are crucial parameters in the development and expansion of a company.

As in the early days, everything is done today to ensure that production steps are optimised and products are constantly improved. Anyone visiting the JÄKEL company today will realise that it is not just a supplier to large, well-known manufacturers. You can feel this passion and commitment to the daily work and the many tasks that arise.

You discover a company with a modern and innovative orientation. A traditional industrial company that has always invested in the latest production facilities and technologies. A strong and mature company that is always one step ahead of the demands placed on it.

It is a good feeling to feel this strength A strength that provides security and trust. A strength that gives customers the feeling that they are in good hands and have a reliable partner at their side who will continue to realise ideas and actively shape the company's future direction with its company philosophy.

This is one of the reasons why JÄKEL has become one of the most sought-after partners in the industry.

JÄKEL sets standards.