New Jäkel-Special Steel

Simply thinking ahead

How can things be improved?
How can the service life of consumables be significantly increased?

It is exactly these simple questions that characterise the pioneering spirit of a company that since its foundation in 1928 has continuously worked to be better in order to consistently offer customers the best quality products, matched with comprehensive service.

The task the company set itself was to create a material which exhibits significant added value over and
above the conventional machinery blades and consumables which have been available to date.

A material which, as a result of its hardness and wear and robust characteristics, combines
all of the positive features of known materials used in agricultural machinery in one product.
These requirements and ideas have been implemented in practice. The result is a product which considerably exceeds all known product characteristics in terms of stability and strength, as well as wear and tear.
This product has a name:

In close collaboration with one of the leading steel-makers of Europe, the unique special steel JADU-H1 has been developed as Jäkel’s top product. Customers are enthusiastic about the performance of the new material. To summarise, JADU offers maximum hardness values with low wear and a very good level of toughness.

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Research and Development

Besides our own material science lab and various test rigs, we also engage in an intensive cooperation with colleges and universities. The resulting findings are then put to a practical test in field trials.