Products for agricultural machines

Particularly in the field of agricultural machinery, the highest quality is required. The products of the Jäkel company are exposed to tremendous daily burdens, yet the blades and wear parts are convincing due to their high durability and ensure optimum results. ... read more

Products for garden tools

The demand for high quality blades for lawnmower and scarifier is constantly increasing. Due to the known high quality of all Jäkel products, more and more well-known manufacturers worldwide rely on the products from Diemelstadt. The products are produced entirely by Jäkel in an automated production line and various designs. ... read more

Wear protection coatings

Being able to offer a broad range of wear protection coatings is one of Jäkel's key competences. This includes thermal spraying as much as deposit welding with PTA or flux-cored wire. The thickness of the coatings can range from a few tenths of millimetres to several millimetres. ... read more