Turbo internet via radio relay

24th March 2016

Signing a contract for connection to a radio link for fast Internet in Diemelstadt:
sitting f.l. Wolfgang Wetekam, Burghard Okel, Udo Jäkel, Net-Com-managing director Frank Richter, Mayor Elmar Schröder, Andreas Sprick-Schütte, Stefan Mielke, Andreas Pohl, standing f.l. Heinz Michael Wetekam, Dieter Oderwald (Municipal Authorities), Wolfgang Baraniak (County Government), Heinrich König, Stephan Müller und Peter De Schrijver (all three Netcom).
photo: Elmar Schulten

For today’s businesses a fast Internet connection is essential for economic success. Therefore mayor Elmar Schröder did not want to wait any longer, until the announced broadband initiative of the North Hessian counties accesses and opens its gate to the digital world in three, four or five years.

It has managed to find partners that will ensure already in the next two months that five local businesses and the municipality are connected by radio to internet access with a guaranteed bandwidth of each synchronous 100 Mbit per second.

(Source: WLZ; Foto: Elmar Schulten)