Many thanks to the long-standing members of the Jäkel family

Having been unable to honor the anniversaries of our long-serving members and to say farewell to retirees as we customarily do as a result of the pandemic last year, the joy was all the greater this year on September 08, 2021. In wonderful sunny weather, with delicious food and entertaining anecdotes from the few last years, we spent a pleasant evening together with our 14 jubilarians and 3 retirees in the Deele in Germete.

We are very proud that our employees identify so much with our company and that they have remained loyal to us for so long.

We are particularly pleased about four employees who have been loyal to us ever since their apprenticeship – some of them for more than 35 years. We have also had a son follow in his father's footsteps, by starting his apprenticeship as a tool mechanic on August 1, 2021, just as his father did 25 years before. This fills us with great joy.

All in all, we can look back on almost 350 years together. This is only possible with mutual appreciation and is certainly no longer a matter of course in today's fast-moving times. We hope that all jubilarians will be a part of the Jäkel family for many more years to come and contribute to the further development of our company. We thank them personally for their performance and celebrate them with a token of appreciation.

This year, we had the opportunity to bid farewell to three long-serving employees as they entered their well-deserved retirement. We wish them the very best for their retirement, happiness and above all health.