Jäkel achieved Jurystage

26th August 2016

Once again the Jäkel company reached the jury stage of the “Großer Preis des Mittelstands 2013” (Great Prize for Medium-sized Businesses 2013).

After receiving the award as a finalist in 2012 and winning the Oscar for medium-sized state of Hesse in 2013, the company was nominated again in 2016.

After submission of application documents, we achieved this year fortunately the jury stage.

Presentation of the certificate by Mr. Staudt (left) from BVMW Frank (middle) and Udo Jäkel (right)

We are the only Hessian companies among the winners who may hope for a honour in Berlin this year. In October the winners for the year 2016 will be awarded at the federal level.

Only excellent companies which have once again developed above average in the 5 competition categories: overall corporate development, innovation and modernization, as well as commitment to the region and proximity to customers. We press now all fingers crossed and look forward to an exciting evening.

That the way to Berlin is difficult not only for the soccer players, you can read below.

For the 22th competition for the "Grand Prix of the middle class 2016" were in the 16 states a total of 4,796 companies from more than 1,400 municipalities, nominated institutions, chambers, associations, companies or individuals. No other economic competition in Germany reached such a large and over several years lasting resonance as the Leipzig of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation. The price is not doped. It is only for companies and just about the public recognition and acknowledgment of their services without financial incentive.

This year nationwide 685 companies reached the penultimate stage – the so-called "Jury list" - of the competition (815 in 2015). From these, the winners will be announced now.