A great gift giving

16th December 2015

Also this year we have taken presents, for our business partners support a charitable project in our home town.

This year we have chosen the booster club of the musical elementary school in Wrexen.

The handover took place on 12.14.2015 in elementary school Wrexen, but see and read for yourself:

(from rear left: Mayor Elmar Schröder, Thomas Wieneke, Frank Jäkel, Principal Mrs. Leyhe, Udo Jäkel)

A great gift giving at Christmas

(Thomas Wienecke, music teacher primary school Wrexen)

In large packets a premium Bose sound system and play equipment for the daily exercise period in the musical elementary school Wrexen were delivered. With enthusiasm and sharp scissors, the great mess was quickly opened!

Thanks to a generous donation from the company Jäkel to the the booster club of the musical elementary school now finally able to be purchased a good sounding sound system that meets the requirements of teaching and the abilities of the children and thus also reflects the company's philosophy of investing in high-quality, durable products.

Another tranche was also anchored in the school profile focus on health benefits: For the daily exercise time were among others Pause play equipment purchased.

So the "Rockkidz" of the musical school Wrexen start now fighting fit with "razor-sharp sound" into the next year and say the company machine knives Jäkel and all employees and business partners a big thank you !!!